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ASU MBE Optoelectronics Group


A new paper has been selected as Featured and the editor’s pick by APL

Our new paper, entitled “Epitaxial lift-off CdTe/MgCdTe double heterostructures for thin-film and flexible solar cells applications”, has been selected as Featured and the editor’s pick by Applied Physics Letters(APL), and  additionally reported by Scilight. Congratulations to Jia, Cheng-Ying and Zheng for their nice work.



The links of APL’s featured and Scilight are listed below:

Xin Qi and Nathan Rosenblatt join the team

The team welcomes new graduate students Xin Qi and Nathan Rosenblatt. Xin received his M.S. degree in Optics in 2019 and B.S degree in Astronomy in 2016 from Peking University, China. Nathan is pursuing a Master degree in Electrical Engineering at ASU. Both of them will work on solar cells.

Congratulations to Dr. Cheng-Ying Tsai on his successful PhD defense

(Cheng-Ying with III-V MBE chamber)

Congratulations to Dr. Cheng-Ying Tsai on his successful PhD defenses entitled “Vertical Carrier Transport Properties and Device Application of InAs/InAsSb Type-II Superlattices and a Water-soluble Lift-off Technology”. Cheng-Ying will join camera team at the Apple Inc. as an R&D hardware engineer. The group would like to gratefully thank Cheng-Ying for his many contributions in the past years, and we wish him continued success in his future scientific work with Apple.

Allison McMinn joins the team

The group welcomes new Ph.D student, Allison McMinn, who obtained her BS in electrical engineering at Southern Illinois University, and has won prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship from NSF and ASU FSE Dean’s Scholarship.

Professor Zhang and other collaborators reported the first electrically injected GeSn semiconductor laser

A paper published in Optica reports the first electrically-injected GeSn MWIR lasers epitaxially grown on Si substrates. It is authored by our group alumnus Prof. Shui-Qing(Fisher) Yu at University of Arkansas and his collaborators from our group, Wilkes University, Dartmouth College, UMASS Boston and Arktonics LLC.

Cheng-Ying Tsai traveling to Apple Inc.

Cheng-Ying Tsai will join Apple Inc. in Cupertino, CA for the spring internship. We are looking forward to have more collaborations with Apple Inc. in the future.