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ASU MBE Optoelectronics Group


Tyler McCarthy is awarded with Dean’s Fellowship

We are excited to announce that MBE Optoelecrtronics Lab Ph.D. student, Tyler McCarthy, has been named a recipient of the Dean’s Fellowship from Ira. Fulton School of Engineering. This award is for exceptional graduate students who exhibit the potential to make substantial contributions within their field of study and who bring a strong passion for conducting research. Congratulations to Tyler!

Alumni Dr. Alex Kirk achieved significant progress in developing ELO multi-junction solar cells

(Cross-section view of 3J ELO solar cell containing ~1.9eV GaInP, 1.4 eV GaAs, and 1.0 eV GaInAs subcells)

Our group alumni Dr. Alex Kirk, currently the principle scientist at Microlinks Device, has been working on thin ELO multi-junction solar cells. One of the 3J cells he designed has been included as a world record ELO device in the solar cell efficiency table as shown in the LINK (bottom of Table 3 on p. 6 with EQE & I-V shown in Fig. 3 on p. 10). More details about the cell are outlined can be found in the 2018 conference paper. These 3J ELO cells allowed Airbus to recently set a new world aviation endurance record as profiled in the LINK. The flight occurred in Arizona on the 11th of July, 2018.


Maxwell Lassise traveling to Solar Junction

Maxwell Lassise in lab looking a something small in his hand.Maxwell Lassise will join Solar Junction Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona for the spring internship. We are looking forward to have more collaborations with Solar Junction Inc in the future.

Maxwell Lassise and Cheng-Ying Tsai attended MIOMID 2018

The 14th International Conference on Mid-IR Optoelectronics: Materials and Devices (MIOMD 2018) was successfully held in Flagstaff, Arizona from October 7-10, 2018. The conference was co-chaired and organized by Prof. Zhang and many of our group alumni and collaborator, Fisher Yu, Elizabeth Steenbergen, Stephen Sweeney, and Shane Johnson. It brought together many scientists and engineers from across the world to discuss recent progress and future trends in infrared optoelectronics. Congratulations to Maxwell Lassise and Cheng-Ying Tsai for successfully delivering their contributed presentations, and thanks to the coauthors for their hard work.

Professor Yong-Hang Zhang was elected as the chair of the advisory boards for both International Conference and the North American Conference on MBE

Prof. Yong-Hang Zhang

Professor Yong-Hang Zhang was elected as the chair of the advisory boards for both the International Conference (IC MBE) and the North American Conference on MBE (NAMBE) in recognition of his outstanding leadership, contributions and achievements in the area of molecular beam epitaxy and its applications.

It is worth mentioning that our group has a total of three students who received 2 Best Student Presentation Award and 1 Student Poster Award in past year’s MBE conferences. Congratulations to Professor Zhang, and to his group for their contributions!