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ASU MBE Optoelectronics Group


Event of the Center for Photonics Innovation Was Successfully Held

Our research team successfully hosted a conference for the Photonics Innovation Center. This gathering featured representatives from the United States Navy, Arizona State University, and researchers from the industrial sector. Together, they engaged in discussions on cutting-edge research and achievements in semiconductor photonic devices. The conference encompassed topics such as metasurfaces, novel semiconductor materials, photodetectors spanning multiple wavelengths including infrared and ultraviolet, and innovative solar cells.

Following the conference, numerous discussions were held with researchers, yielding promising collaborative projects. We aspire to achieve gratifying outcomes through these prospective collaborations in the future.






Congratulations to Dr. Zheng Ju on his successful PhD defense

Congratulations to Dr. Zheng Ju on his successful Ph.D. defense entitled “MBE Growth of Semiconductor Quantum Structures with Type-II Band Alignment and CdSe Thin Films for Device Applications”. Zheng will stay in our group to work as a postdoc. We are looking forward to making more progress in the future with Dr.Zheng Ju in the future.


Group Attends the 37th North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE) Conference

Dr. Yong-Hang Zhang, Zheng Ju, Tyler McCarthy, Allison McMinn, and Xiaoyang Liu participated in the 37th North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE 2023). Zheng Ju delivered an outstanding talk titled: ‘Optically-Addressed Monolithically-Integrated Multi-band Photodetectors Using Type-II Superlattice Materials’ during this conference.

Tyler McCarthy presented an excellent poster with the title: ‘Molecular Beam Epitaxy Grown Group-IV Alloys for Infrared Photodetector and Quantum Transport Applications’ during the exhibition. Dr. Zhang, serving as the Advisory Board Chair of NAMBE, hosted the conference’s opening and awards ceremony.


The 37th North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE 2023) is a prominent international forum for reporting scientific and technological developments in Molecular Beam Epitaxy research. The conference covers a wide range of cutting-edge research in materials, including II-VI and III-V compound semiconductors, oxides, nitrides, perovskites, and new nanomaterials. The synthesis and characterization of these materials using MBE are central to the conference’s focus. Additionally, the design and characterization of corresponding devices are important components of the conference. Furthermore, a variety of cross-disciplinary research topics were discussed, including AI-controlled MBE growth.” NAMBE is scheduled to be held in Boston next year, and we eagerly anticipate the participation of our research team members, hoping to achieve even more exciting results.



Fulton Schools of Engineering up eight spots in three years in US News rankings

Eight areas of study in the Fulton Schools of Engineering now rank among the top 30 undergraduate engineering areas in the nation, according to U.S. News. ASU’s undergraduate areas of civil engineering, cybersecurity, computer engineering, electrical engineering, artificial intelligence, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering are rated among the best nationally.

No. 16 in Civil engineering
No. 16 in Cybersecurity
No. 16 in Computer engineering
No. 17 in Electrical engineering
No. 21 in Artificial intelligence
No. 24 in Environmental engineering
No. 29 in Mechanical engineering
No. 30 in Biomedical engineering

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Allison McMinn Attended MIOMD 2023

Allison McMinn attended the 16th International Conference on Mid-Infrared Optoelectronics: Materials and Devices (MIOMD 2023) at the University of Oklahoma on August 6-10 2023. During the conference, she delivered a presentation titled: ‘The Design of Optically-Addressed Monolithically-Integrated Multiband Photodetectors Using Type-II Superlattice Materials’.